Friday, October 12, 2018


Children of God. How does the world see you? Your friends, family, colleagues, strangers. Do you know what they think about you?  Do you care?  Lets be honest, most of us like for people to view us in a positive light. Although it may not always affect the way you do things, it feels good to be respected.  Fortunately the way the world sees us is not a true reflection of ourselves. Shoot, the way you see yourself isn't an authentic picture of who you really are!  We humans can be very narrow minded.

They way we see ourselves and they way others see us is tainted by situations, sin, and short sightedness. Be careful not to form your identity based on carnal( non spiritual things.)

 Our brain us incapable of seeing others and ourselves the way  God sees us. The reason for this is because God sees us from a place of what He created us to be, not what we currently see.  When others give their opinions of you, whether they be good or bad it comes from a carnal place. They can only speak on what they see, where they are currently in life. It is impossible for people to comprehend past the place of their spiritual revelations.  It is God who illuminates.  

 I love this scripture in the Bible that says, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. (1 Sam 16:7).  Let your daily prayer be that God will allow you to see as He sees.

Remember you are Chosen by God...You are light, You are special, You are ROYAL! .

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