Sneak Peak: The Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Tired of the Hypocrites
  2. Noticing Good Examples
  3. False Leaders in the Church
  4. Man Appointed Leaders
  5. There Are All Kinds
  6. Fame Seekers and Glory Stealers
  7. The Christian’s Role: To Be An Example
  8. A Search for God
  9. A Life That God Accepts
  10. Delayed Prayers: Sickness, Success and Spouses
  11. How Does Faith Work?
  12. Help Is On The Way
  13. Never Hopeless
  14. You Belong to God
  15. Accountable to God
  16. Author’s Biographical Sketch

*Each topic of every chapter was chosen to illuminate  an area of concern in your life,  as it pertains to your relationship with the Lord, His leaders, and His People(Disciples, Christians, Church folk)   More over it was designed by God to help you understand that your business with Him, is one on one! 

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