Friday, October 12, 2018


Children of God. How does the world see you? Your friends, family, colleagues, strangers. Do you know what they think about you?  Do you care?  Lets be honest, most of us like for people to view us in a positive light. Although it may not always affect the way you do things, it feels good to be respected.  Fortunately the way the world sees us is not a true reflection of ourselves. Shoot, the way you see yourself isn't an authentic picture of who you really are!  We humans can be very narrow minded.

They way we see ourselves and they way others see us is tainted by situations, sin, and short sightedness. Be careful not to form your identity based on carnal( non spiritual things.)

 Our brain us incapable of seeing others and ourselves the way  God sees us. The reason for this is because God sees us from a place of what He created us to be, not what we currently see.  When others give their opinions of you, whether they be good or bad it comes from a carnal place. They can only speak on what they see, where they are currently in life. It is impossible for people to comprehend past the place of their spiritual revelations.  It is God who illuminates.  

 I love this scripture in the Bible that says, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. (1 Sam 16:7).  Let your daily prayer be that God will allow you to see as He sees.

Remember you are Chosen by God...You are light, You are special, You are ROYAL! .

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Feeding On Faithfulness

Have you ever found yourself worrying about similar situations that God has delivered you from? I often feel that we are no different from the Children of Israel, and their complaints as God delivered them through the wilderness.  There are so many things to rejoice over while in the midst of our wilderness; but we become  consumed with what we don't have.  Instead of  focusing on what you don't have, shift your gaze to WHO you  have.  Not what, but WHO.  We have God, and along with God He brings faithfulness, and His never ending resources. 

Psalms 37:3 Tells us to "Feed" on the Faithfulness of God. Period. Don't fill your self up with insecurities, anxiety, worry, and stress. All of these things are present when we are faced with a situation that we can't handle. Our  problem is we were never meant to operate independently of God. There isn't a Me pile, and a God Pile. ALL OF IT belongs to God.

Trust His resume. Feed on His faithfulness, despite the dark clouds that hover in an attempt to steal your peace.   The threat of death, loss, sickness, and failures  will take your eyes off of God.  Don't do it. Focus on Him. Feed on His faithfulness, because In Him is your only safe place. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Place by You..

Living above my circumstances can only be mastered in that place by you. Lord God my Creator, Jesus my Redeemer, Holy Spirit my comforter my soul desires a place by you. 

 In your place is Honor and Majesty.  Strength and Gladness is an instant reward! No earthly circumstance can thrive under the majestic grandeur of your presence.  The sheer light illuminating from You is too much for darkness to stand. IT CANNOT STAY.  

 Lord, welcome me into your presence; customize my comfort that can only exist with You. My home is with you. My eternity is with You, my life is hidden with You.  This earth and everything in it is temporary. It will pass away, but my place by you it is secure!

 I rejoice because no circumstance can ever take away my place by You.  My strength and Joy will remain.  Lord make me glad.  Visit me; rather make me aware of your frequent visitations because I know that you are here.  Keep my eyes fixed on You. 

Help me to remember that you are the most important part of my day.  In your place, I am always safe.   Grace me to never forsake my place by you,  for it is a place that this world cannot Touch. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

God Projects

 "What do I do?" 
"Am I coming or am I going?" 
"Why is my life so hard?"
 "I'm  all out of ideas".
 "I have no clue what's going to happen." 
 "How do I get out of this?"
 "I'm  am scared"

Fear and worry can create a battlefield in our mind as we struggle to manage aspects of our life. We rip and run, we seek advice from friends, family, and  doctors, all to end up more confused and stressed than we were when it first began.   "Why do I do this to myself?" This is the question that I often ask as I sit trying to figure out yet another mind boggling situation that was never created for me to handle.  I can imagine God standing there, with His hands clasped together as He patiently waits for me to remember that this is  HIS project!   Sometimes, I shake my head at myself and think "Girl,  this is not for you!"  You need to dump all of this in the lap of the only Person that can do something about it, God. 

 Just dump it and leave it.  I know, it easier to say than  do. But once you master this you won't ever let worry and stress take root again. God has shown me that every single time I fully surrender a situation to Him, I get to REST..

Be Accountable. Give God His projects.