Monday, December 10, 2018

Christ Is Security


Have you heard of the Devotional Jesus Calling?  It is a best selling devotional written by Sarah Young, and has been republished numerous times. The messages are always on point and there are scriptural references attached to each promise. 

  Today was one of my Favorites! 

The first sentence began with: Make Me The Focal POINT of your Search for Security. 

All of us want to feel safe, but everywhere you look nowadays you see everything BUT that.  As soon as you put your trust into something it soon changes. I have never seen so many warranties and insurance polices abound in my life, and  within that insurance find ways not to cover everything. 

 So many people are trying to secure, and protect their futures, But ONE thing is for certain, nothing on this earth is “safe.”  I have a thing that I say now, and it's “If you can see it, it will change! Good or Bad.  Like the old people use to say, just keep living.

 So what do we hope in?  Many people bet on themselves.  They feel if they hustle hard enough in life it will payoff.  To an extent this can be true, but it is not fail proof.  The only real security is the One who cannot change, and His name is Jesus Christ.    Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8 

Hebrews 6:18 also talks about the two immutable “unchangeable” things that should bring us great security.  God’s Promise and God’s Oath.  When God made Abraham a promise He swore by himself because there was no one greater! He needed nothing else to secure His promise but HIM.   People often secure their word with “I Promise” Or  “I swear”.  Even the Presidents elected in our Country have to place their hand on God’s word to “cement” their oath in a greater truth because their word isn’t good enough.  God doesn’t have to do that. He IS the Truth, and  He is the only Security that we need.   Remember to always make Christ the Focus in your search for security. He knows where you're going because He's already been there! 

 If you Get Christ, You get Security.