Monday, January 25, 2016

Welcome to Accountable to God: The Book!

Have you ever wanted  answers  or peace regarding your spiritual questions?  Do you have prayers that God does not seem interested in answering?  Are you  disappointed  in spiritual leaders and laity due to  the hypocrisy they've displayed?   Ever wonder why you still attend church, pray, or trust God when nothing seems to go your way despite these efforts?  Maybe you've just thrown in the towel and walked away from church, your christian family,friends, and even God because you feel you have every right to.  Perhaps you're  confused about how faith works,  and if God is pleased with you at all?  Do you just want to know what tomorrow and the day after that will hold for you?  Whether you are a Christian, anti-Christian, lukewarm believer, or on fire for Christ this book is sure to challenge the way you think about the church, pastors,  God and yourself!   Do you really know who God is, and what He really wants from you?   Well if you don't,it's time to find out because He is holding you accountable for it!

Christianity has been around for over 2000 years, and those who represent Jesus Christ come from all over the world! Many know of The Holy Bible.   It's principles, laws, and statues that are contained within the Old and New Testament books.   But  because of several mis-representations many feel The Holy Bible, has no real power.   To them,  it is  simply a book full of do's, don'ts , and stories, they can use to their advantage when needed.  "can anyone really live up to God's expectation?", they say. "Or do we  even have to?"    Accountable to God was written to uncover, reveal, and support biblical truths about God's plan for your life.   God wants you to know who He is for yourself. God wants you to know that despite everything you see around you, that you can stand strong and present yourself wholly, and acceptable to Him.   The life of a Christian is a journey that begins and ends with two individuals.  You, and God. Start today, and build your own "secure" relationship with Him.   

 Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. It is my greatest hope that  you will purchase  this book, Accountable to God.  Within its pages is the hand of God, the voice, of God, the eyes of God, and most importantly the love of God.   He has given you every resource and gift to make it.  Run with patience this race that was given. Jesus Christ,  your Savior, is waiting at the finish line to receive you with Joy!

Chandra Hawthorne