Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Feeding On Faithfulness

Have you ever found yourself worrying about similar situations that God has delivered you from? I often feel that we are no different from the Children of Israel, and their complaints as God delivered them through the wilderness.  There are so many things to rejoice over while in the midst of our wilderness; but we become  consumed with what we don't have.  Instead of  focusing on what you don't have, shift your gaze to WHO you  have.  Not what, but WHO.  We have God, and along with God He brings faithfulness, and His never ending resources. 

Psalms 37:3 Tells us to "Feed" on the Faithfulness of God. Period. Don't fill your self up with insecurities, anxiety, worry, and stress. All of these things are present when we are faced with a situation that we can't handle. Our  problem is we were never meant to operate independently of God. There isn't a Me pile, and a God Pile. ALL OF IT belongs to God.

Trust His resume. Feed on His faithfulness, despite the dark clouds that hover in an attempt to steal your peace.   The threat of death, loss, sickness, and failures  will take your eyes off of God.  Don't do it. Focus on Him. Feed on His faithfulness, because In Him is your only safe place. 

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