Friday, October 5, 2018

A Place by You..

Living above my circumstances can only be mastered in that place by you. Lord God my Creator, Jesus my Redeemer, Holy Spirit my comforter my soul desires a place by you. 

 In your place is Honor and Majesty.  Strength and Gladness is an instant reward! No earthly circumstance can thrive under the majestic grandeur of your presence.  The sheer light illuminating from You is too much for darkness to stand. IT CANNOT STAY.  

 Lord, welcome me into your presence; customize my comfort that can only exist with You. My home is with you. My eternity is with You, my life is hidden with You.  This earth and everything in it is temporary. It will pass away, but my place by you it is secure!

 I rejoice because no circumstance can ever take away my place by You.  My strength and Joy will remain.  Lord make me glad.  Visit me; rather make me aware of your frequent visitations because I know that you are here.  Keep my eyes fixed on You. 

Help me to remember that you are the most important part of my day.  In your place, I am always safe.   Grace me to never forsake my place by you,  for it is a place that this world cannot Touch. 

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