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Book Introduction 

Today people have lost their faith in the church’s ability to lead them to Heaven.  They live in despair because what was once a lifeline for sinking souls, now appears to be a place of big business, and self-promoting agendas. 

It is saddening to witness the condition of human beings in our world.  There are crippling illness, incurable diseases, horrid deaths, and increasing tragedies involving our children.  The world is deteriorating; yet some Christians walk around daily, offering false hope to those who need a savior.  While everyone will not accept God, there are those that cry out daily. 

Let’s consider the prostitute who sells their body on the streets.  Do you believe every person who is a prostitute wants to live that way?  What about the alcoholic?  Is it fair to assume he enjoys being a slave to his addiction?  Consider the cancer patient who clings to every string of hope; placing their faith in treatments that may not deliver.  There are many others with incurable diseases looking to God for healing, but they continue to stumble over counterfeit healing ministries that leave them in despair.  Not everyone in a hopeless condition is comfortable with remaining there, but will embrace hope, if possible.  People want to believe there is a God in Heaven, who can deliver them from a personal Hell, but doubt intercepts their faith.

It is the duty of every believer to make sure people experience Christ through them.  God’s message of love, peace, and deliverance is not trusted when delivered via a part-time saint.  Christians must be witnesses for Christ, in hopes that others will believe on Him and gain eternal life!

God is everything the Bible says He is.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.  No one can come to God, unless he accepts Christ.  (St. John 14:6)  The Bible reveals that no matter how many won’t believe in God’s faithfulness, it yet remains effective.  (Romans 3:3)

This book was written to address the numerous reasons people stray away from churches, and the dangers of doing so.  It was also written to bring hope, understanding, and peace to believers and non-believers as well, regarding the Christian faith, and your place in it.
People have misconceptions.  They are scared, some are confused, and many don’t trust anyone.  Whatever the reason, there is virtually no excuse for choosing our own way that perhaps is not the will of God for us; thereby unacceptable to God.  We will all answer to Him. Salvation is an individual affair, and we must seek God’s righteousness daily.  

The journey of holy living is not impossible or futile.  You can do it with God’s help.  He promised that if we seek after Him, we will find Him, and He will welcome us!  (Jeremiah 29:13-14)

Don’t give up your life with God because of a few bad examples.  You can live a holy life.  You can be a righteous person, and God will keep you until the day He comes back for “His Church,” and you will live and rule with Him forever in peace!

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